UX Writing: Empty State

UX Writing and Design: UX Writing Academy Assignment

Project Summary

Clixflow is a WYSIWYG website builder. In a previous project, I wrote and designed a form that collects data on how users intend to use the Clixflow platform. After completing that form, the user is taken to a page that will eventually contain all of their projects. I was tasked with creating a new empty state for the User Projects screen for users who have indicated on the form that they intend to create a portfolio website.

Project Requirements:

  • The empty state should give users easy access to the portfolio templates or let them start a new site from scratch.
  • Encourage users to get started with their first project, and make it clear to them how to do so.
  • The KPI for this screen is the number of users that start a new project.
Original Empty State
Original Empty State

The Process

I set up my copy doc and drafted several copy options. After finalizing the copy, I designed a graphic to appear on the screen alongside it. Then, I combined the copy and graphic in a simple screen design in Miro.

The Results

Improved Empty State
Improved Empty State

It would be interesting to see data on how many users select “See Templates” vs “Design My Own.” From there, it would be cool to see which templates are selected most often. I’d also be interested in learning which templates have the highest launch rate and how that compares to the sites that were designed by users.

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