UX Writing and Content Design

I recently completed the UX Writing Hub’s UX Writing Academy program. These are some of my favorite projects from the course.

Original Product Design

The final UX Writing Academy project required creating a fictional digital product and producing several deliverables, starting with a research plan and concluding with an optimized final product. My custom product, Adora Makeup Artistry Tools, is an online retailer of environmentally-friendly beauty products. See project details.

EasyB is a Fintech/Mobile Banking App. I was tasked with writing mobile push notifications in the appropriate tone for six scenarios related to the user’s account. See project details.

Clixflow is a WYSIWYG website builder. I was tasked with creating a new empty state for the User Projects screen for users who have indicated on the form that they intend to create a portfolio website. See project details.

Medi is a meditation app. I was tasked with creating a new 404 page according to Medi’s style guide. The project manager asked that I try to get users to download the mobile app on this screen. See project details.

Lingual is a language learning app. I was tasked with writing microcopy for five scenarios while adhering to Lingual’s content style guide. See project details.