UX Writing: 404 Page

UX Writing and Design: UX Writing Academy Assignment

Project Summary

Medi is a meditation app. I was tasked with creating a new 404 page according to Medi’s style guide. The project manager asked that I try to get users to download the mobile app on this screen.

Excerpt from Medi’s content style guide: At Medi, our brand voice is: helpful but never pushy, welcoming to all audiences, and relaxed with a quiet confidence. Medi’s mission is to bring mindfulness, clarity, and inner peace to our users. This is reflected in every word we use. We strive to create an online oasis for our users and we’re careful to keep our messaging positive. Our power words include: Acceptance, Calm, Clarity, Clear, Guidance, Help, Peace, Quiet, Relax, Rest, Support, Stillness, Tranquil. We avoid negative words like: Angry, Crazy, Hate, Helpless, Lost, Out of place, Sad, Stress, Etc.

The Process

I set up my copy doc and drafted several copy options. After finalizing the copy, I designed a simple app logo and graphic for the screen. Then, I combined the copy and graphics into a screen design in Figma.

The Results

This project reminded me that sometimes we don’t have to reinvent things that work. I could have used a UI kit in Figma, but I stubbornly wanted to piece my own UI together from several borrowed components. It took a lot longer than it needed to, but I’m happy with the final product.