Content Testing: Adora Makeup Artistry Tools

Content Test Plan

  • Objectives: 
    • Discover ineffective content in the new subscription bundle purchase process.
    • Document what content is unclear/confusing.
    • Identify content revisions that should be included in the final draft.
  • Medium: Screenshots, one in-person follow up interview
  • Methodology: Participants were sent screenshots and instructions to highlight what copy that makes them feel confident in green and less confident in red.
  • Participants and recruiting plan: 
    • Four participants, ages 25-65
    • Common traits: All participants are familiar with subscription bundle products.
    • All participants were recruited through my personal network.

Content Test Findings

Overall, the feedback was positive. The most significant area of confusion was the products page. I wondered if it would be clear to users that the single-use items are only available to order as part of a subscription bundle. It was not. I tested two CTAs for these items: “Add to Subscription” and “Set Frequency” (the original CTA). Neither option tested well. One participant asked if buttons “were missing.” I spoke to them directly about their feedback and found that the disconnect was a misunderstanding about the business. When I explained that these are bundled to reduce packaging and shipping, the participant said everything made more sense. That said, I needed to revise the content to make it easier for everyone to understand—even if they had never heard of the company or its vision. I made a third revision to the product page and replaced the dual CTAs with one “Add” CTA for all products. Then, I put more descriptive text on the product details page to explain that some items are only available as part of a subscription. The participant found that version to be more helpful.

The other notable change was to the checkout flow. My mentor noted that she didn’t spot the progress tracker at first. One participant noticed it but thought they were clickable buttons—not just visual representations of their spot in the checkout flow. I added additional microcopy and updated the visual design in my test version, which led to participants feeling more confident about the process.

Next Steps

  • The final content with a larger pool of participants
  • Improve prototype functionality
  • Update the checkout flow progress tracker design to show the current step more clearly at a glance