Content Design: Adora Makeup Artistry Tools

The final UX Writing Academy project required creating a fictional digital product and producing several deliverables, starting with a research plan and concluding with an optimized final product. My custom product, Adora Makeup Artistry Tools, is an online retailer of environmentally-friendly beauty products.

Project Summary

Adora Makeup Artistry Tools is a startup that has quickly gained a cult following. As demand for Adora’s products increases, the company needs to expand its e-commerce store while remaining true to its original vision. One way they plan to do this is by offering subscription boxes that bundle products with a limited lifespan (beauty blenders, cotton swabs, makeup brush cleaning solution, etc.) so that fewer deliveries are made to repeat customers. My responsibility was to design UX content to help Adora scale their online store and implement the new subscription feature.

Project Deliverables


Research was conducted to help create Adora’s content style guide, develop personas, and design content that is enjoyable and easy to use.

My role: develop research plan, conduct research, analyze results, and present findings in a presentation.

View Research Findings.

Content Style Guide

Adora’s Content Style Guide exists to encourage, inform, and support everyone who writes about our company and products.

My role: create content style guide and adhere to it when writing UX copy.

View Adora Makeup Artistry Tools Content Style Guide.

Content Design

My role: write UX copy and design product screens for a specific user journey.

My process: I set up a copy doc in Notion and drafted several copy options for the user flow. When I had a good sense of what copy worked best, I moved to Figma to create product screen designs with the copy I’d selected. Putting the words and design together naturally led to some copy adjustments.

View the first product iteration in Figma.

Content Testing

My role: conduct content testing and iterate based on user feedback to deliver an optimized final product.

My process: When the first set of product screens were complete, I created a second version of the user flow with minor copy changes. Both versions were tested with a small group of participants. Their feedback informed the copy used in the final product screen designs.

View Content Test Plan and Report.

The Results

Research and content testing led to a final product that will help Adora Makeup Artistry Tools meet their business goals while providing an easy and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

Product Screenshots